Wednesday, 25 April 2007

This is jolly exciting, isn't it? Can't keep away

Well Tory is busy - settling in a new au pair or something. She is marvellous with them, knocks them into shape in no time. This one is from Slovakia. Or Slovenia. Actually I think perhaps it was Poland. Barely a word of English, apparently, and thin as a rake. Tory thinks she's probably rather hopeless but won't cost much to feed (unlike her previous one, Lenka, marvellous with the children but quite enormous and ate for Estonia) and Harry has always been a tit man so she doesn't have to worry about that aspect at least. Anyway she'll be along later, once she's collected the children from school and sorted out Bruno's new fencing kit and finished with her PCC meeting (she IS good, I find those local church councils just ghastly, all that discussion about flower rotas for hours and hours and all you get at the end of it is 8 stems of yellow chrysanthemums on a dusty windowsill. Makes me shudder to think of it).

But I'm really rather taken with my new blog so I shall plough on without her for the moment.

Rupert thinks me starting a blog is ridiculous. He said that he can't see what on earth I could possibly have to say that anyone will find interesting, and more to the point People Like Us won't read it because if they have any sense they will be out walking the dogs or shooting or shagging the au pair, like I should be doing instead of wasting time on the bloody computer.
I don't think he meant I should be shagging the au pair, but you get the gist.
I think he is just a bit cross because he is hopeless on the computer, he even gets poor Lorena (his secretary) to type out all his emails, and he doesn't like me doing things that he doesn't understand.
But I told him that of course people like us used computers, at least all the girls do, I don't know anyone who doesn't. How did he think that everyone ordered anything from Boden without a computer? Let alone sort out the invites and acceptances for the hunt ball. Well that shut him up, I can tell you. Honestly I do love him but sometimes he is a prize chump.

Must dash, Lucy has just popped around with a spare girth for Magic, must see if it will fit the fat little bugger.

Minty xxx

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Suki said...

Minty, one hates to be the bearer of bad news, but I was just telling Jonty about your charming little blog, and he said that apparently Lorena is renowned for being "good with packages" and he's not talking about Word and Excel... plus Rupes was seen loitering furtively in the Ann Summers in Gloucester and I know that you break out in hives in the presence of man-made fibres...

Still on for tennis on Friday?