Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Oh gosh! HI Araminta!

Hi everyone! Well its Tory here, just taking a quick break from entertaining some of Harry's clients and settling the children! You know how it is!
Harry told me that an old school friend of his was around this evening so quickly had to put together a 'thrown together' meal - you know these are the absolute HARDEST to pull off. Anyway a quick trip to the local super sorted everything out, despite having Topsy Pool's lamb in the freezer for months - I do always feel duty bound to buy a half a lamb even though, well, the children don't even LIKE lamb and Harry always says that my Shepherds Pie is too fatty. Sigh.

Bruno and Felix just would not settle this evening, I think they saw how desperate I was looking. You know Harry's career depends on how well he entertains these old boys and I never did do well in the kitchen despite Mummy and Daddy investing so much in the Cordon Bleu course.

Look forward to chatting soon and sharing the gossip about the PCC meeting on Saturday - I arrived suitably harassed and cut Lady Blashford terribly about the sale of the North Chapel benches.

xxx Tory

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