Thursday, 26 April 2007

Now we are really motoring!

It is so fabulous that Tory is on board - golly we are really going to get things covered now. Tory is an absolute superwoman - manages those lovely wild boys and supports poor Harry so well in his career and manages to keep that house from falling down around her ears (Dorset is so damp and I really don't think Harry's people can have spent a penny on it in the last 250 years). And the most marvellous cook, can produce an absolute banquet out of nothing on no notice at all. And of course all of her local charity work too.

I absolutely don't know how she does it, I must say I'm dreadfully lazy and just make sure I'm fully staffed here and in London. Well, Mrs Codding my daily has been here for simply YEARS and although she is a bit of a law unto herself she does get things done when push comes to shove. There's the nanny of course, one can't manage four children without a good competant nanny and Gemma is super. And obviously managing the gardens is a full time job for Dennis, who took on the job from his father. Such a marvellous countryman, knows everything, and a jolly good beater in the season as well. We opened the gardens for 6 weekends last summer, such hard work for Dennis getting them ready but very rewarding seeing all those familiar faces from the village and the local town coming to have a look and a cup of tea. I do feel it is nice to give something back. Of course it is a dreadful bore having people traipsing through, and although we have VERY well signposted portaloos you do always get a few who think they'll try their luck and try and come into the house, but all in all its a good thing I think.

Goodness me, is that the time? I've got that new chap whose moved into the rectory coming for coffee in a minute. Not sure about him, he's a bit smooth for my liking and I'm sure he's just angling for a shooting invite. Not that he looks the sort who has much experience in that direction, always such a liability having people like him loosing off cartridges behind the line. Must dash!
Minty xx


Anonymous said...

farkgin coddlington

Julia said...

Is that Shirley Codding? She's been harrassing Consuela extolling the virtues of something called 'Lakeland' and egging her on to order goodness knows what and charge it to me if you please. Of course, after that last business with Consuela and the red rug she had the good sense to tell me about it and I have strictly forbidden her going anywhere near the computer!

Minty! Tory! this blog (gosh I feel suddenly very 21st century) is absolutely spiffingly good fun, do keep it up.