Thursday, 26 April 2007

Tory visits Upstanding, and feels fat

News from my end:
Dropped the boys off at school and decided to pop into Upstanding for a coffee and a quick look in the shop windows. After our supper with Adam and Felicia, Harry told me I was looking a bit 'tired' - I must say compared with Felicia I do look a little ragged around the edges. She barely spends any time in Dorset these days, always up to London for a tweak here and there. I suspect Botox and, rather uncharitably, a little work on her, ahem, chest area.
Caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window of the Rusty Rake and have decided that my trusty pink rugby shirt and jeans may not be at the cutting edge of fashion any more. Went a bit bonkers in Opera and splashed out on a gold fitted jacket and a rather daring skirt! (note to self: work on knee area when at Pilates in Charlton Haddock village hall). Spotted Bim Adams-Grayson in The Cherry Tree, having coffee with that awful woman Amanda from the Friends of Upstanding Prep. They raised their coffee cups in quite a friendly way, then waved frantically. Felt quite flattered for a moment until I realised that Felicia was crossing the road behind me. She did thank me for a lovely evening - "Your Harry is an absolute HOOT!" - but didn't really stop to chat. I'm sure they all have a lot to talk about.
Got home just in time to catch Barbara, the daily, scuttle back into the house leaving her coffee mug and ashtray outside on the terrace. She didn't bother to end her mobile phone conversation though. I really MUST talk to Minty about the best way of managing staff.


Araminta said...

Persuade Barbara to change to Orange on that jolly cheap rate they are advertising
She isn't to know that you can't get Orange in your valley, is she!
Marvellous to have you aboard, sweetie xxx

blind_schoolb said...

Are you sending your children to boarding school?