Monday, 30 April 2007

An exciting invitation

Dropped Felix and Bruno at school this morning and was accosted by Mrs Kierkegaard. Bruno is in disgrace as he spent rugby practice 'twirling dreamily' around on the try-line. Decide not to mention this to Harry who doesn't fully appreciate Bruno's gentle nature. Harry says I spoil him and that life will 'deal that child some hard knocks' unless he toughens up a bit. Obviously I haven't told him about the ballet lessons. I wonder what Minty will think. Decide not to tell her just yet.
Must have had PMT when I bought that gold jacket and skirt. Return them to Opera and exchange for expensive peach floral dress. I surreptitiously smudge ink on the other sizes with my Cross fountain pen so that no-one buys them and I can be sure of being the only one wearing that particular dress on Sports Day. Leave feeling exhilarated.
I arrived home to find Barbara and Pilar, the au-pair, chatting on the terrace. Decide to be firm and ask Barbara if she wouldn't mind getting on with the boot room as we have guests tonight. I pretend not to notice the look she gives me as she scuttles back to the house. Pilar looks me up and down lazily before uncurling her unfeasibly long legs and stubbing out her cigarette. 'The boy's rooms, Pilar!' I say rather more shrilly than I had intended. She smirks knowingly and slopes off. I clear up the ashtray and coffee mugs and retire to the kitchen. Six for dinner tonight including Jicky Martin, brilliant caterer and author of 'Uberfoodie!', her husband Bonce, Bun Grace-Thomas (sister of Fiona Grace-Thomas, that rather beautiful actress) and her husband Rafe (the explorer) and then, doing my bit!, new arrivals Karin and Simon Uxbridge. They have recently opened a shop in Upstanding called Forever Sunshine. It sells all manner of gifty things, candles, bronze hares, rather wacky scarves. The little pottery terriers have almost become currency among the Upstanding Set. Anyway, they have moved down from Herefordshire or Hertfordshire, not sure which.
The postman arrives early at 11.30. I throw 17 of the Boden catalogues in the bin and keep one for the woodburner. That thick paper works better than firelighters. Lots of invites as usual but one really stands out - the Earl and Countess of Wiltshire's bash. With trembling fingers I place it just to the middle of the mantelpiece, slightly disguising it with newer invites but making sure that anyone in the know will notice it immediately I hear it won't give them much change out of 600k - must ring Minty and check what she is wearing. Have horrible thought and ring hairdresser immediately. They are engaged! Feel familiar panic rising in my chest at thought of not managing to grab John at Upstanding Hair and Beauty. The thought of having to drive up to London and back on the day of the party is just too tedious for words.

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Julia said...

Oh Tory! do keep the invite to the Wiltshire's under your Philip Treacy won't you? Minty is going to be too, too crushed!